Alexa Vom Hubbartthof

Alexa was born in September of 1995.  A Great-granddaughter of the famous Vom Dattelner Hof.  

We brought her home and introduced her to Baron.  She was 8-wks of age and immediately she put him in his place.  She grew into a loving female who won the hearts of everyone who met her.  She was a mother many times over and each family who purchased her puppies were very proud of their appearance and temperament. 

Alexa had tremendous hearing ability.  She would pick up a sound in the distance and begin to howl and all of our dogs would join in.  It became the "Baronhaus Choir!"

Alexa has long been retired and we regret to announce her passing on January 30, 2005.  Our Baron is ten-years old now and he misses her immensely.

Good-bye Alexa......Mom and Dad will miss you very much.

Alexa's Pedigree


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