Chewbacca's "Dallas" V Hubbartthoff - BH

With a heart the size of Texas, it's no wonder he's called "Dallas."  He was born on August 23, 1999, and he brings happiness to everyone who encounters him. Dallas is one of the finest Sires anywhere (why wouldn't he be coming from the famous Chewbacca). He throws excellent genes into his puppies. They are not only handsome but very intelligent, healthy, balanced puppies with fine temperaments.

Dallas plays a key role in our strict breeding program.

We wish everyone could have a Dallas in their lives.  We love him so very much.

Sire:   Ch. Chewbacca Vom Mayhaus - BH, Sch. II
Dam:  Ch. Von Traeger Daizsha V Whelan


Dallas' Pedigree


Phone:  817-790-6034

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