Daizsha's "Doris" Alexa V Baronhaus

Why such a long name?

Doris is a daughter out of Cade and Daizsha.  Daizsha's mother was our Doris Vom Hubbartthof.  Cade's mother was our Alexa Vom Hubbartthof.  Alexa was special because she was our first female and a wonderful companion with our "Baron."

This is only one-half of the story..... Doris' father, our Cade, was a son out of Baron and Alexa.  Doris' mother, Daizsha, is also a daughter of our sweet, loving and handsome "Dallas."  Dallas is a son of the famous "Chewbacca!"

In the event this doesn't impress you, we'll go ahead and list these spectacular names in her bloodline:

  • Chewbacca
  • Serrant's Bannor
  • Zimmerplatz
  • Konigsgarten
  • Eulenspiegel
  • Brando
  • Moritzburg
  • Burgthann

Description of Doris — Large show quality female with defined mahogany markings.  Great personality and temperament.

Doris' Pedigree

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