We are now accepting deposits on our upcoming puppies.
Information will be provided when you contact Baronhaus Rottweilers
at (817)790- 6034 or email us at

We are delighted to have 4 new males and 3 new females at Baronhaus Rottweilers!
Who's the papa?  Cade's "Dakota" Vom Baronhaus

For more information, please call Gail at (817)790-6034
or email us at info@texasrotts.com 

"Dakota" is the grandson of both Baron (just deceased) and Dallas.  Both are from a long line of champions.

Breaking News!!! 

Born August 21, 2005

(click pictures for larger view)


The mother is one of the finest females at Baronhaus Rottweilers, and is from the Jimars bloodline.

7 weeks


6 weeks


  5 weeks  

  4 weeks  

3 weeks



A Dakota cowgirl....Day 17

A Dakota cowboy....Day 17

 Zoe and 7 puppies....Day 17  

Mommy and us on Day 15....
Left to right, 3 girls -- 4 boys

Here we are....left: 3 baby cowgirls,
right: 4 baby cowboys 


Phone:  817-790-6034

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